What is Resilient?

Resilient is a Community Development Team initiated by the ministry of Christ Church of Oak Brook and united with neighborhood schools, ministries, residents, and service organizations. Our mutual endeavor is to enhance opportunity to thrive and prosper in and around the Villa Park, Lombard, and Oak Brook Terrace communities.

We are a 501c3 nonprofit Community Development Association committed to the development of a flourishing and Resilient community.


How Resilient Began


Resilient was founded out of the Domestic Missions department at Christ Church of Oak Brook in response to the needs identified in neighboring communities along the Roosevelt Road corridor. After meeting with community members, local businesses, city services and school administrators in Unincorporated Oak Brook Terrace and Villa Park, the leaders at Christ Church committed seed funding to launch this organization with a vision for addressing the social and economic disparity found in these communities while sharing the love of Christ through programs that enable and teach resilience.


Who Do We Impact?

Our programs impact children, teens, and young adults from all walks of life throughout the Villa Park, Lombard, and Oak Brook Terrace communities.


We Uplift

"We offer students that are disenfranchised, because they're not athletes or don't fit into a club, a place where they belong."


- Erik EngeL
High School Social Worker

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How Can I Get Involved?

Resilient offers unique opportunities to volunteer and give back to families and youth in our local community. From mentoring elementary and high school students to helping local resource centers with community events, there are opportunities for everyone of all ages and walks of life to serve.



How Can I Give Back?

If you are interested in supporting Resilient, visit our donation page. Every donation helps to create flourishing within the communities served by Resilient.